Bespoke Services


We are pleased to offer a range of services to local schools. From arranging author visits for World Book Day, ordering books for your school library or reading corners to letting you know about the books your Year Sixes are going to be talking about next term. For more information, please email or drop in to the shop.

These include:

    • A carefully curated and browsable children’s section at our local shop, so teachers can come in (with school authorisation), choose books, and take them away there and then. We’ve found this particularly useful for prize giving, and one local school brings pupils in to choose books for themselves.
    • Arranging author visits and selling books afterwards if required. When we are selling books at a school event, we will donate 10% of our takings back to the school; if you prefer to sell the books yourselves, we will give you your usual 10% discount.
    • Recommendations and ordering for school libraries.
    • Payment by invoice, with a 10% discount

The L&R Wedding List

Join us after hours for a glass of something bubbly and the chance to choose the perfect books for your life together. We will help the happy couple make up a list of the books they feel they can’t start married life without. The list will then be available on request via email, post or on the telephone.

We will then make up a lovely parcel of all the books your friends have bought you – complete with a bookplate in each one to say who it is from, and any message they wanted us to pass on – and you can collect them from the shop (or we will deliver within a sensible radius). This is also a great service for housewarmings, bar mitzvahs, Very Important Birthdays etc etc.

Library Set-up and Support

Library Set-up and Support for homes, hotels, boats, schools etc – Ask us to help you put the perfect collection of books together for your own library or any other. We will work to your specifications to choose the ideal books for your project. You are welcome to specify classic books, award-winning books or even the most reviewed books, and we will produce the goods. Whether you’re looking for a shelf of cosy reads for a bothy in the Highlands or a roomful of chillers for a Transylvanian castle. Discounts may be available for particularly large orders. Individuals and organisations can also opt to receive yearly or twice-yearly top-ups of the latest literature.

A Number of Books (tailor-made to your figure)

The perfect present for birthdays and anniversaries, we will carefully choose and wrap the appropriate number of books for the number of years you are marking. It could be eighteen essential coming-of-age reads for an eighteen-year-old, or thirty thrillers for a thirtieth anniversary, or sixty-five slim volumes for a retiree, all the way up to one hundred wonderful novels for a literature-loving centenarian. Each set of books will be personally chosen according to the taste and interests of the recipient, so prices will vary, speak to a member of shop staff for more information.

Wishlists for Holidays and Birthdays

Wishlists for Holidays and Birthdays are always available in the shop – we will keep a list of books that can be added to at any time behind the counter.

If you have any questions or requests please call us on 020 7229 1010 or email