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What to Read Now: Vol XCIX

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Other Women
by Emma Flint
Inspired by a real-life murder, this novel – set in 1923 – reminded us of one of our favourite books: A Pin to See the Peepshow – it really feels like it could have been written at the time. This book is both utterly gripping and psychologically insightful. To say much more would give the plot away!
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by Carlo Rovelli

This biography of an Ancient Greek scientist is the first book by Carlo “Seven Brief Lessons on Physics” Rovelli, and is available in English for the first time. Here is a subject whose hypotheses were almost incredibly ahead of his time – from realising that the Earth travelled around the Sun to the concept of evolution – Anaximander was there 2000 years ago. Rovelli keeps what could be a dry topic interesting, and makes it very clear how very important his subject is in the history of science.
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The Dress Diary of Mrs Anne Sykes
by Kate Strasdin

This absolutely fascinating book is based on a Victorian woman’s diary of what she wore, kept every day and updated with fabrics and where she wore them. In the hands of fashion curator Kate Strasdin this becomes a book that is not just about clothes, but also offers an incredible picture of Victorian daily life, both in the UK and overseas.
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Elizabeth Finch
by Julian Barnes

Now in paperback, Julian Barnes’ most recent novel is a quiet but thought-provoking story about a talented adult-educator as seen by one of her adoring students. While not as enjoyable as some of his previous books, Barnes’ wit is very much in evidence here.
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The Rescue of Ravenwood
by Natasha Farrant

We are huge fans of Natasha Farrant’s books for readers aged 9-12, and her latest doesn’t disappoint! This is an epic adventure with a big heart – Raffy and Bea must save their home from demolition – it’s gripping and moving, and feels like a classic already. And – as if that wasn’t enough – you can get free shipping when you order this book through – just select standard shipping and put the code RAVENWOOD at checkout.
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