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What to Read Now: Vol XCVIII

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This Could Be Everything
by Eva Rice

Notting Hill in the Nineties, we remember it well (or at least some of us remember some of it), and this novel by Eva Rice takes us straight back there. This is a gorgeous novel about grief, love and the bond between siblings by the author of one of our favourite comfort reads. Witty and warm and full of character, it will sit alongside One Day as a book that made you cry and laugh and that you’ll want to recommend to your friends.
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Two Sisters
by Blake Morrison

By the author of the seminal memoir And When Did You Last See Your Father, here is a new look at his family life. This book follows his difficult relationship with his sister Gill, an alcoholic, and his discovery of a previously unknown half-sister, Josie. A moving and beautifully-written book about what family is, and a tribute to both women.
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In Deep Water
by Christobel Kent

Just in paperback, this is a gripping psychological thriller set on a beautiful Greek island – just what we want to be reading on a chilly February day! When Heather spots Jake and Sukie at the airport, she instinctively follows them, she’s never forgotten what Jake did to her. Heather wants to protect Sukie, but as the weekend wears on, tensions and passions rise.
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The Snakehead
by Patrick Radden Keefe

A truly shocking story, published in the UK for the first time, by the author of Empire of Pain. A people-smuggling empire, run from a New York Chinatown shop front, is laid bare in this book. From a ship laden with would-be immigrants running aground of the shore of the US, Radden Keefe follows the trail in this meticulously researched and gripping book.
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How to Gut a Fish
by Sheila Armstrong

An unsettling and brilliant collection of short stories. There is a hint of Shirley Jackson to these oblique tales of women’s bodies and violence. Written in spare but evocative prose, and with a real eye for description. This was one of our favourite collections of last year, and the paperback is out now.
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by Mariajo Ilustrajo

Absolutely gorgeous illustrations and a sweet story make this a great addition to any younger reader’s bookshelf. When a girl finds a polar bear lost in the city, she takes him back to her house, but then she realises he’s missing his own home.
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