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What to Read Now: Vol XCVI

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Cleopatra and Frankenstein
by Coco Mellors

A fantastic read about a young English woman in New York and her new husband. This was one of our favourite books of last year – and it’s in paperback now. Fitting somewhere between Sally Rooney and Meg Mason, it’s both glamorous and grimy, sexy and sad. Just don’t give it to your granny.
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How Many More Women
by Jennifer Robinson & Keina Yoshida

A very timely book of nonfiction by two internationally known human rights lawyers. The book takes a global look at cases where the law has failed women, and been used to gag them. Robinson and Yoshida make it clear that the law needs to be changed. Written in plain English, this is a book that clarifies and reveals the truth (where legally possible) behind the legalese.
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The Broken Afternoon
by Simon Mason

The sequel to one of our favourite crime novels of 2022 – A Killing in November -it’s time to find out what happens next to Ryan Wilkins. A complete page turner – beginning with the disappearance of a four-year-old from outside her nursery, this book is pure suspense from start to finish.
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by Adam Rutherford

Geneticist Adam Rutherford argues that all science is political in this short and fierce book, just out in paperback. Looking at both the bleak history of eugenics, and its existence in theory in the modern gene-editing age. This is an eminently sensible take on a particularly difficult subject, and ultimately quite reassuring.
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Bad Relations
by Cressida Connolly

Out now in paperback, this is an incredibly compelling novel about how the actions of one man (a solider returning from the Crimean War) can reverberate through his family over more than a century, leading to tragedies he could never have foreseen. Family life of the late-Victorian era, the 1970s and the 2010s is captured in sparkling detail.
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I am Not an Octopus
by Eoin McLaughlin;
Illustrated by Marc Boutavant

Terry is absolutely certain he’s not an octopus, he’s a person with some extra arms. And besides, he’s afraid of water. This is an hilarious kids book for 3+ about facing your fears and discovering who you really are.
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