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What to Read Now: Vol XCIII

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Invisible Child
by Andrea Elliott

Now in paperback, this book received the non-fiction Pulitzer Prize in the Autumn. Following a young girl, Dasani, and her family as they experience poverty and homelessness in New York, Invisible Child is incredibly compelling, heartbreaking, infuriating and ultimately hopeful. It is a must-read.
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The New Life
by Tom Crewe

An exciting debut novel by an editor at the LRB. The setting is London in 1894, and two men are about to publish a book about what they call Sexual Inversion. The publication will change the lives of those around them. Based on real people and real events, the novel is a deeply-felt and well-considered exploration of what it was to be gay in the Victorian era.
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by Sharon Olds

One of America’s finest living poets, now in her eighties, has produced a new collection which draws inspiration from Emily Dickinson as well as her own biography. The poems here explore youth, and what it is to grow old, in an insightful and beautiful way.
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A Dangerous Business
by Jane Smiley

An entertaining historical mystery from the author of L&R favourite Some Luck. A Western starring two prostitutes on the hunt for a serial killer, the book is surprisingly wholesome given its subject matter, and might be just the cheering ticket for a cold January day.
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Away From Beloved Lover
by Dee Peyok

A travelogue with a corker of a soundtrack, this book takes readers to Cambodia in the Sixties. Where young people flocked to Phnom Penh to play music that wouldn’t have been out of place on Carnaby Street. Influenced by the Beatles, The Supremes, Pink Floyd and more, but with a strong local flavour, the musicians were part of a post-independence wave of optimism. But the majority were killed in the Khymer Rouge’s genocide in the Seventies. Peyok traces the last of them and their relations to tell the story of Cambodia in a completely unique way.
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by Lissa Evans

One of our favourite children’s books of 2022 is out in paperback this week. When Ed, Roo and Willard discover a box of wish-granting birthday candles in their eccentric neighbour’s house, a series of madcap adventures ensue. This is a really wonderful novel for readers over 9, it feels like a classic but remains contemporary in its outlook and sensibilities.
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