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What to Read Now: Vol XC

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by Jeremy Lee

As your thoughts turn to the Christmas table, Jeremy Lee makes a marvellous companion to your meal-planning.  Chef Proprietor at Soho’s Quo Vadis, he is one of London’s great hosts, and a positive Ghost of Christmas Present.  This cookbook is a joy, and will bring you great pleasure.  And if you’re looking for more kitchen inspiration – we have a list of suggestions (from Delia to Ottolenghi) on our page.

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The London Pub

We love this series of vintage British photos from Hoxton Mini Press, and this most recent one is a celebration of the classic London boozer.  From sailors on shore leave to Bobby Soxxers pulling pints, there’s so much to enjoy.  And if you’re looking for something more up-to-date, we’re big fans of their Opinionated Guide to London Pubs.

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Grave Intentions
by RV Raman

We thoroughly enjoyed last year’s A Will to Kill, so it’s a great pleasure to see a sequel, again starring detective Harith Athreya.  Raman cleverly uses the settings and tropes of Golden Age crime (in this case an archaeological dig), moves them to India, and uses his local knowledge to create crime novels that are deeply satisfying in many ways.

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How to Watch Football
by Tifo Football

After last night’s win, it’s hard to stay ambivalent about the World Cup (though we still have our reservations about the location).  This book is a great addition to the football fan’s library – not just for neophytes, it has plenty to interest the Ultras too.

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What Writers Read
Edited by Pandora Sykes

A gorgeous book, produced in support of the National Literacy Trust. 35 authors including Elizabeth Strout, Elif Shafak, Sebastian Faulks and more write about their favourite books.  This book gives you an insight into the writers’ minds, and might just inspire your next read!

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Spot’s Goodnight Stars
by Eric Hill

This is a gorgeous bedtime book for the under-three set.  With lots of flaps to lift, and real glowing stars to count, it’s a lovely gift for any child who loves Spot the Dog (all of them in our experience).  And you can find more recommendations for Children’s books here.

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