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What to Read Now: Vol LXXXVII

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The Philosophy of Modern Song
by Bob Dylan

Here is a masterclass in some of the greatest songs of the Twentieth Century by one of the world’s finest songwriters, and Nobel laureate in literature, Bob Dylan. Each essay in this book casts a magpie eye over a different song –  from Strangers in the Night to London Calling.  You’ll want to put on the playlist and dig in.

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Wild Light: A Printmaker’s Day and Night
by Angela Harding

A truly stunning, and fascinating book. Harding presents 24 hours in nature through her printmaker’s lens – with more than 70 original linocuts and pen and ink illustrations.  This would make a beautiful present for anyone who loves the natural world, or indeed has an interest in art.

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The Marriage Portrait
by Maggie O’Farrell

One of our favourite novels this Autumn, the Marriage Portrait is a truly gripping read, with an amazingly evocative take on Renaissance Italy.  And it’s’s book of the month for November, so if you buy it through our link, you’ll get free shipping on everything in your basket (use the code NOV-BOTM), and access to an exclusive online event with Maggie O’Farrell on December 1st.

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Dolphin Junction
by Mick Herron

A set of utterly thrilling short stories from a real master of the genre.  Mick Herron’s Slough House books have shown just how skilled he is at plot and character, and in these stories, he shows how well he does outside of a series (though you might spot a few familiar names).  Absolutely perfect for reading on the Tube, or if you just want something short before bed (though be warned, some of these stories might keep you awake!).

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by Lynn Steger Strong

Novels set at Christmas-time are often rather sickly sweet, not so Flight, which is both devastating and incredibly beautiful. Three siblings and their families come together for the first Christmas since their mother’s sudden death.  Old grudges resurface, and are then set aside when a child goes missing.

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Ballet Kids
by Holly Sterling

There are quite a few lovely books about ballet for small children at the moment, but this is a particular favourite in the shop because it shows that ballet isn’t all pink!  Thomas and his friends are at their ballet class, they plié, twirl and choose their costumes. And then it’s time for The Nutcracker to begin. (we also love Karate Kids by the same author)

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