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What to Read Now: Vol LXXXIV

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Our Share of Night
by Mariana Enriquez, trans. by Megan McDowell

Six year old Gaspar has a gift, a gift he shares with his father, to see beyond the world of the living. But with their abilities come those who mean to exploit them, to use them for their own greed and gain. Recommended by both Lauren Groff and Kazuo Ishiguro, Enriquez’s writing is both terrifying and alluring, an intoxicating blend that earned her a place on the International Booker Prize shortlist.

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The Seven Moons of Maali Almeida
by Shehan Karunatilaka 

The winner of the 2022 Booker Prize, Karunatilaka’s sophomore novel is an ambitious and astounding journey into the history of Sri Lanka, bringing together a dizzying amount of genres to tell a story that is incredibly captivating. Surreal, witty, vibrant, emotional and intelligent, this book really cannot be praised enough – it is an instant classic of both Sri Lankan and global literature. 

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Madly, Deeply: The Alan Rickman Diaries
by Alan Rickman, ed. by Alan Taylor

From Die Hard to Harry Potter, Love Actually to Sense and Sensibility, Alan Rickman is one of the most recognisable British actors of the past thirty years, But his talents weren’t restricted to the screen. In this landmark publication of his personal diaries, we are brought in the world of a writer who is as full of wit and charm as if he is as an actor. A candid journey through his extensive career and personal life, these diaries are an absolute joy to read.

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The Golden Mole and Other Living Treasure
by Katherine Rundell, ill. by Talya Baldwin

We are surrounded by so much more beauty and brilliance than we can ever realise. In this stunning love letter to the natural world, Rundell explores some of the world’s most extraordinary creatures, from sharks that can live up to five hundred years to birds that fly journeys long enough to get to the moon and back twice over. With her captivating story telling that has made her novels so successful, Rundell’s writing is paired with Baldwin’s gorgeous illustrations that make for a truly special book.

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Troubling Love
by Elena Ferrante

Originally published in Italian in 1992 and then in English in 2006, Ferrante’s debut novel is a brilliant showcase of everything that has made her so popular. Addictively readable yet cleverly complex, Troubling Love tells the story of Delia, a Napolitano who has just lost her mother and decided to set out on a personal odyssey to discover the truth of who her mother really was, and how deep the roots of lies and memories run deep in her home of Naples.

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by Harry Woodgate

Timmy’s favourite thing to do is to perform, but under one circumstance – there can’t be anyone watching! But the school play is coming up, and Timmy wants more than anything to be apart of it. Can they find a way to overcome their shyness and shake off the big scary lion that is their stage fright? With bright, beautiful illustrations and a heart-warming story to match, this is perfect for readers aged 2+

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