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What to Read Now: Vol LXXXII

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Lucy by the Sea
by Elizabeth Strout

Recently shortlisted for the 2022 Booker shortlist for Oh William!, Strout returns with her trademark characterisation and stunning prose for yet another story that will both captivate and charm. Having escaped to a coastal house that her ex-husband has rented in March 2020, Lucy’s seemingly week long holiday soon stretches into months of empty days. Profoundly introspective and deeply human, this is Strout at her very best.

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by Ainslie Hogarth

Charity may start at home, but so too does horror. When her mother-in-law commits suicide, recently married Abby finds herself haunted by the woman who, in life, was already a venomous presence. As her new home comes under threat from a seemingly unstoppable force of terror, Abby must put everything she has fought for on the line in order to save her marriage. A brilliantly clever take on motherhood and the unspoken horrors of maternity.

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What Just Happened?!: Dispatches from Turbulent Times
by Marina Hyde

From one of Britain’s most popular and hilarious columnists, Marina Hyde takes us through the post-referendum landscape that we have all come to hate in a collection of truly brilliant essays. With nothing off limits, Hyde’s bitingly clever writing takes us on a journey through some of the craziest moments of the past few years, with welcome lashings of her trademark humour and wit. 

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by R. F. Kuang

Brought to Oxford, England after he is orphaned, young Robin Swift is promised a paradise. Instead he finds himself in a prison, faced with the choice to either submit or revolt. A sweeping, epic story of agency and empire, Kuang’s latest is a gorgeously written, fantastical exploration of the power language holds and who gets to use it. If you enjoyed the works of Philip Pullman or The Secret History, this is the one for you.

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Cloud Cuckoo Land
by Anthony Doerr

After the Pulitzer prize-winning All The Light We Cannot See, Doerr returns with a novel that is just as profound. Told across a dazzling scope of time and space, The Romantic tells the story of five different people who are bound together by one ancient text, with each of them working their way through love, loss and the trials that come with being human. Astoundingly poignant, Doerr once again taps into the joys of storytelling.

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No Home For a Ghost
by Jess Rose

When Dylan and his family move into their new home, they’re shocked to discover that there’s a ghost! After too many moving objects and scary encounters, the family decide Giles the Ghost has to go. But Dylan quickly misses his new friend, and sets out to make things right by bringing Giles home. A beautifully illustrated story about fear and friendship, this is for readers aged 2+

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