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What to Read Now: Vol LXXIX

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by Ian McEwan

Are there lessons to be learned from the traumas of our past? Taking us from the fall of the Berlin Wall, through the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster and right into the heart of the Covid pandemic, McEwan’s latest is a true testament of change and opportunity; a sweeping yet tender ode to to love, regret, family, and the ways in which we each seek out answers to the seemingly impossible questions of life. 

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Himalaya: Exploring the Roof of the World
by John Keay

Roughly the size of Europe, Himalaya is both fantastical and foreboding, having played home to thousands of years of discovery, war and geopolitics. Drawing on a lifetime of study and exploration, Keay’s rich history of one of the world’s most extraordinary regions brings the humanity into what has been dubbed the ‘Roof of the World’. 

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Stone Blind
by Natalie Haynes

The sole mortal in a family of ageless gods, Medusa is the only one of her siblings who can be hurt by time. But when she takes her revenge after Poseidon commits an unforgivable act against her, her body, and her life, are forever changed. Cursed with the ability to turn any living creature who looks upon her to stone, Medusa’s story becomes one of darkness and despair. With her trademark ability to give new life to old stories, Haynes’ latest is a breath-taking achievement.

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by Raynor Winn

How much faith can we put in the healing power of nature? Raynor and her husband Moth did it once – with outstanding results – but can they risk doing it again? With Moth’s health declining, the two set out on a journey that will take them from Scotland to Yorkshire, through Wales and back to the familiar shores of the South West Coast Path. With each step rooted in a mix of fear and hope, Landlines is a breathtakingly emotional ode to love, appreciation and the natural world.

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My Body
by Emily Ratajkowski

Exploring power, sexuality and the ways in which women are made to rationalise how they are treated in their every day lives by men, Ratajkowski’s collection of essays are personal, poignant, emotive and incredibly stark, earning her praise as one the most intelligent and courageous essayists of our time. Perfect for readers of Sinéad Gleeson and Jia Tolentino

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A Wild Child’s Book of Birds
by Dara McAnulty, ill. by Barry Falls

For bird enthusiasts and novices alike, McAnulty’s seasonal, year long guide to the lives of British and Irish birds is a brilliantly put together insight into the seasonal patterns and peculiarities of the animals we see nearly every day of our lives. Ideal for both budding naturalists and first time fauna admirers, this is for readers 7+.

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