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What to Read Now: Vol LXXV

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Busy Being Free
by Emma Forrest

Recommended by both Dolly Alderton and Lisa Taddeo, Forrest’s memoir is a joyful and necessary ode to being alone.  When Emma swapped her LA mansion and seemingly ideal Hollywood marriage for an attic flat in North London shared only with her daughter, she found herself alone, but not lonely, rather elated to have found herself again. Honest, emotional and completely welcoming.

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Dog: Stories of Dog Ownership
by Julian Victoria

Whether you’re a lifelong dog owner or just a dog admirer, this delightful collection of essays and photography tells the stories of some of the most famous dog owners and their cherished companions. From Bulldogs to Border Terriers, Labradors to Poodles, this is a captivating and utterly cheerful read.  

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by Claire Keegan

From the author of the recently Booker longlisted Small Things Like These, this is a rerelease of Keegan’s earlier novel that tells the story of a young girl who is sent to live with foster parents on a rural farm in Ireland. At just 88 pages this is another mesmerising example of Keegan’s masterful ability to pack an astounding amount of heart and history into a short book. 

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This Dark Country: Women Artists, Still Life and Intimacy in the Early Twentieth Century
by Rebecca Birrell

Delving into the muddled backgrounds of artists both celebrated and unknown, Birrell’s blend of group biography and art criticism makes for an enchanting and eye opening read that uncovers the lives and works of some of the twentieth century’s most accomplished and talented still life artists. 

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Gods of Want
by K-Ming Chang

From ghosts crossing space and sea to haunt their living relatives, to a mother-in-law who increasingly tortures her child’s wife in order to oust her, these sixteen stories, from the author of the bestselling Bestiary, are both beguiling and haunting, delightful and daring. 

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The Honeys
by Ryan La Sala

When Mars loses his sister under terrible circumstances, he takes her place at the Aspen Conservancy Summer Academy, desperate for answers about her death. As he is drawn into his sister’s old group of friends, the once pristine academy begins to show its true colours. Perfect for fans of Karen McManus and Aiden Thomas, this addictively original YA is for readers 14+

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