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What to Read Now: Vol CXVI

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Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow
by Gabrielle Zevin

Now in paperback, this is a book that we pressed into a great many hands in hardback last year.  Following friends Sadie and Sam from their childhoods to their young adulthoods and beyond, it’s a moving, funny and stunning meditation on life-long relationships.  A book you will want to recommend to all your friends (as we have).
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Fighting for Life
by Isabel Hardman

A fascinating and timely book that tells the story of the NHS from its inception in 1948 to the present day. Hardman does an excellent job of capturing the triumphs and tribulations of the NHS, and she provides a balanced and nuanced assessment of its future prospects, and why it’s worth preserving.
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Uncle Paul
by Celia Fremlin

A reissue of the 1959 psychological thriller.  Uncle Paul tells the story of three sisters at a seaside resort, haunted by the return of one of their husbands, who had been accused of murdering his first wife. Packed with foreboding and suspense, this is a terrific book to pop in your bag before a long train journey.
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Sacred Nature
by Karen Armstrong

Just out in paperback, this is a thought-provoking take on human engagement with nature. Armstrong argues that throughout human history, nature has been sacred, and that it’s necessary to rediscover this if we are to address the environmental challenges we face today.
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Human Sacrifices
by Maria Fernanda Ampuero

A collection of twelve short stories by Ecuadorian writer Ampuero. The stories are set in contemporary Latin America, and they explore themes of violence, exploitation, and the dark side of human nature. Although they’re not exactly easy reading, the stories do have a kernel of hope to them.
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Saving Sorya: Chang and the Sun Bear
by Nguyen Thi Thu Trang, illustrated by Jeet Zdung

Winner of a Carnegie Medal for illustration, this graphic novel, based on the author’s own experiences, is a really special read for ages 9+.  Young Vietnamese conservationist Chang, must look after sun bear Sorya and get her ready to return to the wild.
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