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What to Read Now: Vol CXV

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The Art Thief
by Michael Finkel

A true story that’s as unbelievable as fiction: prolific art thief Stéphane Breitwieser carried out over 200 heists from some of the most famous galleries, museums and cathedrals in the world.  He stole not for profit, but to keep the works for his own enjoyment.  Until one last job proved to be his downfall.
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by Ian McEwan

Just out in paperback, McEwan’s latest novel follows the life of Roland Baines, from his childhood to his retirement. It isas sharp and insightful as we have come to expect of his work. With significant historical moments of the late Twentieth and early Twenty-First Century as its backdrop, McEwan uses Baines’ experiences to reflect the world around him.
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by Lucy Jones

This book offers a new and much-needed perspective on the transition to motherhood. Drawing on research from a variety of fields Jones examines the multitude of changes in the body and mind that take place from pregnancy onwards. Jones’s writing is clear, engaging, and personal, and this is a fascinating book.
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The Rachel Incident
by Caroline O’Donoghue

A witty and emotionally acute coming of age novel, The Rachel Incident is a book that perfectly captures that moment in your twenties when anything could happen.  Above all, it’s a celebration of friendships built on shared experiences and secrets.
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Writing with Style
by Lane Greene

You may think that a style guide is only an essential for journalists and other people who write for a living.  The Economist’s Style Guide proves that every home should have one, and here is the latest edition.  This book is invaluable reading for improving your writing, and surprisingly entertaining with it.
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As Long as The Lemon Trees Grow
by Zoufla Katouh

This beautiful Young Adult novel set amid the Syrian Revolution, is a book that could very well find its way onto an adult bookshelf (think The Book Thief).  The book makes the horrors of war clear, but tempers them with hope and love. A perfect read for readers aged 14+.
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