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What to Read Now: Vol CXIII

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The Bee Sting
by Paul Murray

From the author of Skippy Dies, comes a new novel about an Irish family whose luck seems to have come to an end.  Patriarch Dickie’s car business is on its uppers and the children trying to escape the family curse in their own ways. Franzen-ish in its subject (and length), but a unique telling of an old tale.
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The Island of Extraordinary Captives
by Simon Parkin

The gripping true story of the internment on the Isle of Man of supposed “alien civilians”.  In spite of the terrible conditions, the 1200 captives in the Hutchinson camp on the Isle of Man used their intellects and creativity to create something more akin to a university campus.
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by Hernan Diaz

This Pulitzer Prize-winner is a brilliantly complex and fascinating series of accounts of the life of one mogul – half-finished manuscripts, ghost-written memoirs and more make up the different views of the life of a millionaire who makes a mint in 1929.  
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Hungry Heart
by Clare Finney

A delightful memoir of food, and the importance of it to humanity (beyond nourishment of the body, and into nourishment of the soul).  The book is a love letter to the recipes and dishes that have shaped the author’s life, and an invitation to readers to think about their own most memorable meals.
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Act of Oblivion
by Robert Harris

Based on original sources, and with Harris’ usual incredible attention to detail, Act of Oblivion follows Edmund Whalley and Will Goffe, convicted of regicide in the post-Restoration period.  They escape Britain for New England, but they are pursued by Richard Naylor, who is determined to bring them to justice.
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The Tree Elves of Ludlow
by Archie Hunter

A fantasy novel in the vein of Alan Garner and Susan Cooper for readers aged 10+. The King of the Tree Elves has been living among humans, unaware of his importance.  The Elves have a plan to return him to his kingdom, but now their enemies the goblins have him in their sites too. A thoroughly enjoyable adventure.
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