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What to Read Now: Vol CX

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The Guest
by Emma Cline

A perfect summer read by the author of The Girls.  The end of summer on Long Island, and Alex is suddenly in need of somewhere to stay.  She soon finds herself caught up in a dangerous game of deception.  A gripping psychological thriller that will keep you guessing to the last page.
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The Book of Wilding
by Isabella Tree & Charlie Burrell

Following on from Isabella Tree’s memoir Wilding, here is a practical guide to rewilding, big and small. It is a handbook for how we can all help restore nature. The book has grown out of Tree and husband Burrell’s mission to help rewild Britain, Europe and the rest of the world by sharing knowledge from their pioneering project at Knepp in Sussex.
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The Bewitching
by Jill Dawson

Based on the true story of the Warboys Witch Trials of 1589, this is a page-turning historical novel that tells a story of injustice and persecution. Brought in to help a child who has been having fits, wise woman Alice is accused of witchcraft by the girl’s father, and public opinion is quick to judge her guilty, even before the trial begins.
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Twelve Words for Moss
By Elizabeth-Jane Burnett

Poetry and prose, memoir and natural history come together in this unusual but beautiful book.  Coping with the loss of her father, the author (literally) immerses herself in moss, revealing a fascinating organism that is often overlooked.
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Titanium Noir
by Nick Harkaway

Scifi meets hardboiled detective in Nick Harkaway’s latest novel. PI Cal is investigating the murder of a Titan – the genetically enhanced super-rich.  He soon discovers that there are shadowy forces at work, and it’s up to him to take them on.  This is a love letter to the noir genre, and Harkaway successfully combines the two.
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Escape to the River Sea
by Emma Carroll, inspired by Eva Ibbotson

A sequel to the late Eva Ibbotson’s much-loved Journey to the River Sea.  This time, it’s 1946, and Rosa fears she has been orphaned in the war.  She travels to Brazil, where she finds a new loving family, but now they face a new threat.  This is a wonderful read for 9+, particularly animal-lovers (and of course anyone who loved JttRS).
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