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What to Read Now: Vol CIX

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Demon Copperhead
by Barbara Kingsolver

Just out in paperback, this is a book we’ll be recommending all summer. It’s a coming-of-age story about a young boy from Appalachia who struggles to overcome his background. It’s very much inspired by David Copperfield, but very much makes the story Demon’s own.And if you add this to your basket and use the code SHORTLIST, you’ll get free shipping on your whole order.
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God is an Octopus
by Ben Goldsmith

This memoir is an unflinching and moving account of grief, loss, and the healing power of nature. After his daughter’s death, Goldsmith searched for meaning, and found it in rewilding his family’s farm. This is a beautiful and inspiring story about the power of nature to heal the human soul.
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Small Worlds
by Caleb Azumah Nelson

The new novel by the author of Open Water is a beautiful and lyrical novel about Stephen, torn between his love of music and his family’s expectations, struggling to find his identity as a Ghanaian-British man. Set in Peckham and Ghana, it’s full of vivid discriptions and memorable characters.
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Every Family Has a Story
by Julia Samuel

Based on her own experiences as a psychotherapist, Julia Samuel has written another book that you will be glad to have read. In this book, she focuses on eight families, tells their stories andoffers insights into the ways in which they have dealt with challenges such as loss, separation, and addiction.
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Factory Girls
by Michelle Gallen

If you love Derry Girls (and we do), then Factory Girls is going to be right up your street – it even has the same Nineties Northern Ireland setting.  The book follows Maeve and her friends as they work in a factory over the school holidays before getting the exam results that could change their lives.  It’s hilariously funny, but there’s a lot going on beneath the surface.
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10 Dogs
by Emily Gravett

A must for young dog-lovers, Emily Gravett’s latest picture book is a celebration of our canine friends, and a very gentle introduction to some maths concepts.  Cat fans, don’t worry, 10 Cats is just out in paperback!
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