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What to Read Now: Vol CVIII

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Shrines of Gaiety
by Kate Atkinson

Just out in paperback, this was one of our standout novels of 2022.  An historical novel set in the interwar period, it has a cast of memorable characters – chief among them unlikely crime boss Nellie Coker – and a thrilling plot involving missing chorus girls, drugs, stolen jewels and a Yorkshire librarian who’s determined to get to the bottom of it all.  
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The Potter’s Way
by Florence St George

Part how-to guide, part memoir, this is a genuinely inspiring book on how taking up pottery can help you to develop more than your skills with clay.  And if you’re passing the shop this week, you can see some of Florence’s beautiful work in the window.
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Greek Lessons
by Han Kang

Greek Lessons begins in a classroom in Seoul, where a silent young woman is learning Greek.  Gradually, a connection develops between her and her teacher.  Each of them is struggling with loss and has a need for human intimacy.  Like her earlier novel The Vegetarian, this is a complicated but beautifully constructed book.
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Every Day is To-Day: Essential Writings
by Gertrude Stein

This collection showcases Gertrude Stein’s unique writing style, which is full of vitality, rhythm, and repetition, as she explores the essence of her subjects with charm. Whether she is writing about her famous friends, her lover or playfully meditating on her writing process, Stein’s writing sparkles with wit and originality.
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Tiepolo Blue
by James Cahill

A really astonishing debut novel, just out in paperback. London in the mid-Nineties, lecturer Don Lamb has come to escape a faux pas at his former college, and finds himself immersed in the feverish art world and gay scene of the era. Rather like a south London, Nineties Line of Beauty, and none the worse for it.
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Little Green Fingers
Easy Peasy Gardening Activities

This beautifully illustrated book is bound to inspire you and your little ones to get out into the garden.  With simple ideas for things to do – whether sowing seeds or creating art projects with things you can find outdoors – you’ll soon be reaping the rewards!
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