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What to Read Now: Vol CVII

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Games and Rituals
by Katherine Heiny

What a delight a new collection of short stories from Katherine Heiny is. Each story in this collection offers a fresh and engaging perspective on the quirks and complexities of the human experience. From office culture to decluttering these are relatable and modern stories that will make you laugh and sometimes gasp.
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Books and Islands in Ojibwe Country: Travelling Through the Land of My Ancestors
by Louise Erdrich

A deeply personal memoir that takes readers on a journey through the land of Erdrich’s ancestors. Erdrich paints a vivid picture of the natural beauty and rich cultural history of the Ojibwe people. Her reflections on the power of storytelling and the importance of preserving traditional knowledge are both insightful and moving.
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The Memory of Animals
by Claire Fuller

Memory of Animals is a haunting novel that explores the complexities of survival. Neffy signs up for a drug trial shortly before a pandemic (not that one) ravages London.  Now she and her fellow triallers are trapped in the very place that may have saved their lives.  This book is certainly a dystopian novel, and it may surprise those who have loved her earlier books, but her powers of observation – of the world and of human nature – are very much in evidence.
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The Serpent Coiled in Naples
by Marius Kociejowski

A fascinating  exploration of the history and culture of Naples, Italy. Kociejowski’s prose is both poetic and informative, immersing readers in the city’s rich past and present. From Vesuvius to the Comorrah, Kociejowski offers a unique and engaging perspective on this vibrant and often overlooked city.
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by Clare Pollard

Just out in paperback, this book is a time capsule of 2020.  Clare Pollard’s novel cleverly combines experiences many of us will remember – working from home, home-schooling, socialising on Zoom – with a character-led plot about a Classics professor who is trying to find solace and meaning through ancient prophecy.
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My Life on Fire
by Cath Howe

For readers aged 9 and over, this is a page-turner about Ren, whose family has lost everything in a devastating housefire. She finds herself irresistibly taking things that don’t belong to her, but it’s not long before she’s caught… Great for fans of realistic stories like Tracy Beaker.And as this is’s Children’s Book of the Month, you can have free shipping on your whole basket when you add it to your basket and apply the code FIRE.  
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