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What to Read Now: Vol CVI

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by Max Porter

A stream of consciousness novel about a teenage boy, an escapee from a young offenders’ institution.  Porter brilliantly captures Shy’s interior voice, and his era – the pre-Blair mid-Nineties. Like Max Porter’s previous books, Shy is challenging, moving and utterly brilliant.
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Good Girls
A Story and Study of Anorexia
by Hadley Freeman

Hadley Freeman’s memoir of her teenage struggles with an eating disorder is a candid and clear look at a troubling subject.  Freeman describes her own near-death experience with anorexia, and also looks beyond herself to the broader topic.  Though it’s not an easy read, her self-awareness lends a certain amount of black humour to it.
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The Five Sorrowful Mysteries of Andy Africa
by Stephen Buoro

Another teenage protagonist in this debut novel by Nigerian Author Stephen Buoro. Here Andy is a fifteen year old in west Africa, he hangs out with his “droogs” and lusts after women.  The twin influences of Europe and the Middle East pull him in two directions, but ultimately he and his friends take a decision that will change their lives.
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by Charlotte Leonard

When Emma discovers that her husband has died by suicide, she is determined to discover what led him to it.  She follows five photographs he left on his camera to try to understand.  Deeply moving, this novel is a beautiful and heart-breaking book about grief and love.
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English Journey
by JB Priestley

A reissued classic, this book sees JB Priestly travelling through the England of 1932 documenting the lives of the people he meets on his journey. Written with the intention of inspiring social change, this book inspired The Road to Wigan Pier.
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Mouse’s Wood
by Alice Melvin

Now in paperback, this picture book is absolutely delightful.  A love letter to nature and the seasons, with popup illustrations, this book is bound to charm readers aged 3+ and their grownups.
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