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What to Read Now: Vol CIV

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Humanly Possible
by Sarah Bakewell

Author of How to Live, a book that has been core stock at L&R since it was published in 2010, Sarah Bakewell here combines philosphy, history and biography to look at seven hundred years of Humanist thought. A truly fascinating read that doesn’t whitewash its subject, but portrays it in a clear-eyed and accessible way.
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Tokyo Express
by Seicho Matsumoto

A new edition of a classic of Japanese crime literature – and one of the most fiendishly plotted! A supposed double suicide on a remote cove, but two policemen – one local, one from Tokyo – suspect foul play. Reminiscent of Golden Age Detectives like Wimsey, and indeed of Maigret, the book is as interested in character as it is in plot.
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The Marriage Question
by Clare Carlisle

A brilliant examination of the links between George Eliot’s life and her works. Eliot led a fascinating life – living, unmarried, with her partner GH Lewes for twenty-five years, and having freedoms that the vast majority of women in her time could not have hoped for, and nor could many of the characters in her books! This enjoyable book is never gossipy.
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Henry Dimbleby with Jemima Lewis

A searing read that will make you look again at your shop-bought sandwiches. Henry Dimbleby (founder of Leon) argues that eliminating processed food would be the saving of both the Earth and our waistlines. This is a manifesto for revolutionising food in Britain and around the world.
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Maps of Our Spectacular Bodies
by Maddie Mortimer

A complicated, moving, playful, experimental novel about a woman with terminal breast cancer. The book explores her history and her relationships – with a brother-figure, with her husband, with her daughter, with cancer and with the voice inside herself. This is a unique novel, and one that will very much make you aware of your own body.
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Not Without You Blue Kangaroo
by Emma Chichester Clark

A new Blue Kangaroo to mark twenty-five years of his adventures with Lily. Lily feels like she might be too old for a stuffed toy now, but can Blue Kangaroo convince her otherwise? This comes with a strong recommendation from L&R’s resident Blue Kangaroo fanatic!
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