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What to Read Now: Vol C

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Birnam Wood
by Eleanor Catton

From the author of the Booker Prize-winning The Luminaries, Birnam Wood is an intricately crafted and plotted novel that you won’t be able to put down. This tale of eco-activists and billionaires in New Zealand builds to a thrilling conclusion. We absolutely loved this book!
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Lessons in Chemistry
by Bonnie Garmus

This incredible word of mouth hit is just out in paperback. This is a deeply enjoyable novel set in the Sixties about a female scientist, who, having been forced to resign, takes a job as a TV cook. Very soon she is inspiring women around the US to cook with chemistry. Perfect to pop in your hand luggage if you’re planning a Spring trip.
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by Sarah Langford

This memoir of a barrister returning to the countryside and taking up farming will genuinely change the way you look at the world. Beyond her own story, here is the unsung hard work that goes into the food on our plates, the toll that intensive farming takes on humans, animals and the land itself. Here too is a manifesto for the future of farming in Britain, one rooted in our history and our soil.
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Old God’s Time
by Sebastian Barry

An astonishingly moving and beautiful novel. Tom Kettle has retired from the Gardaí to a lean to on the coast outside Dublin. Two former colleagues visit with questions about an old case, and dangerous memories resurface. This book is full of love and hope and heartbreak, and you will want to pick it up again the moment you finish reading.
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The Earth Transformed
by Peter Frankopan

Another doorstop of a book by the author of The Silk Roads. Here, Frankopan turns his attention to the natural world, and how it too has shaped human history, and how humanity has attempted to bend nature to its own needs. Going from early farming through to the current climate crisis, this book takes a very long view on our current situation.
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Meet the Weather
by Caryl Hart
illustrated by Bethan Woolvin

A brilliant introduction to weather for readers aged 3+. Meet the clouds and the Sun and lots of other meteorological phenomena, with a bouncy rhyme and some gorgeous brightly coloured illustrations. Perfect for any child who wants to know if it’s a welly day or a sandals day when they wake up in the morning! We also love Meet the Oceans and Meet the Planets from the same series.
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